Studio Mugenjohncel… what are you up to now?

February 5, 2011

Let’s see… but first let me consume part of this delicious Corndog…

OK now where were we?… Ah!

First up is this BG-CG replacement for the current BG-CG in the game “The Question”… (Yes DaFool… I’m working on them as you have suggested to redeem myself)

Next is a collaboration with Sake-Chan where I do the BG-CG’s… just a few more and were all done…

Of course… Sepia Tears where I also resume doing BG-CG’s after I finally managed to get a hold of a list and materials I needed to finally finish my part after a rather nasty HD crash… ;_;

Unfortunately, I have to drop and give up working on the K-On Beat Up project for my schedule can no longer accommodate additional load… Apologies guys… Good Luck and More Power to you…

BTW!… I have been mostly a good boy this year!… Think they finally lifted the ban on my default Office connection IP?…

Hmm… Guess my old IP still is BanHammered eh… Lulz… Switching IP’s

Oh well… Time to slow down and be a productive member of the OELVN community again…

That’s all for now!

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. I’d advise toning down the pink of the cherry trees in the back a little – trees aren’t usually that saturated, and to that you have to add that they’re in the back, and therefore are affected by atmospheric perspective and their colour (for the whole thing, the trunk too) should get a bit more dull.
    To a higher degree, it’s the same thing that happens to mountains.

    Good luck for the rest.

    • Noted and copied!… Thanks Ren!…

  2. By the way, I sent you another mail.
    Just letting you know, in case you missed it again.

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