The Petty Parody – A Parody of a Parody VN!?… WAT!?…

February 5, 2013

So once again I’m on my weekly grind in my never ending quest to improve my BG’s without actually making too much effort (AKA: USE EVERY CHEAP TRICK IN THE BOOK)… I got a little bit bored so I decided to go to Renai Archives and see what OELVN (AKA: ENGLISH VISUAL NOVEL) releases I missed and possibly review and give some exposure… Now unlike most of the Visual Novel related blogs out there who focuses on what was cute, moe, pretty,  polished,  hyped or popular… I, the Handsome Uncle Mugen is more focused on obscure or otherwise really strange and unique OELVN’S (AKA: ENGLISH VISUAL NOVEL) that most people tend to ignore… and boy I have a very good find today…


This OELVN Titled “The Petty Parody” is in the words of the author…

This visual novel started as a test of Ren’Py 6.11.2. You may notice some of the Ren’Py tutorial in the very beginning. This visual novel was initially called “firstproject”, but was later renamed “Searching for Mio”, then later to its current title, “The Petty Parody”. Its current name was inspired by alliterations used by the Lemony Snicket books, who my friend loves greatly. The name “Mio” was inspired by Akiyama Mio from the popular anime series K-On!. Throughout its short development (a few weeks or months with short intervals of time spent haphazardly), The Petty Parody had no real direction. I just went with what seemed to fit, while still making the game somewhat amusing. A key source of inspiration for much of the game’s dialogue comes from “The Fucking Question”, a parody of the Ren’Py game “The Question”. This game, until very recently, was complete crap. I asked a friend of mine, who had beta-tested before, and he suggested that I add more meta-jokes. I began to add some more meta-humor, and eventually ended up rewriting a large part of the game. The game is now in a completely different state than it was before his suggestion, so I thank HuckleberryPie greatly for his suggestion. Thanks for playing The Petty Parody! If you have questions or comments about this visual novel, please feel free to contact me on Twitter @zombieramen.

So there you have it… the description alone will probably give you an idea what’s in store for us but you know me… if this VN is a den full of lions and it’s the only option I am presented with, I’d jump into it… butt naked…

So let’s see for ourselves what’s inside…


Heading towards the title screen… we see… a green pixelated screen that reminds me of… weed… no title text no nothing, just the default Ren’py GUI with a custom BG… most people will be turned off by this but not UNCLE MUGEN!… This just made me extremely curious…


So uh… Lucy?… You’re Sakura now?… Normally this is not that confusing but considering I draw that sprite I can’t help but concentrate really hard to ignore the fact that she’s Lucy so I can follow the flow of the story…


But then Eileen appeared or is it Mio?… Now I’m double confused…

To concentrate on the story, I have no choice but to cover the upper half of the screen with folded paper since no matter how hard I try I can’t see them as anything other than Lucy and Eileen.

So far so good… it seems the story is about Sakura and Mio snuck in on a place they shouldn’t be… simple enough… the story is slowly forming and taking shape until…


Yep, at this point I totally lost it… and to make things really good… the dialogue is actually voiced… using sound-bytes from who knows where…

I’ll stop at this point now to prevent spoilers…

Normally, I’d give the Uncle Mugen seal of approval but to be honest… this game is pretty weird… even for UNCLE MUGEN… let’s just say I recommend it but not quite there yet to get the coveted Uncle Mugen Seal of Approval but I am certainly looking forward to more works from this author especially after that mind fucking sound-byte parts… but all in all it was a refreshing piece of OELVN literature…


OK, I re-read it again in a much clearer and different mindset… you know what?… I concluded that this weird concoction of a VN deserves a…

Uncle Mugen Seal of Approval

In case you’re interested you can download it HERE

Lol… After being traumatized, you can bug him at his twitter address at… @zombieramen

“POOF” (Seriously, that was fun!)



  1. “Now unlike most of the Visual Novel related blogs out there who focuses on what was cute, moe, pretty, polished, hyped or popular… I, the Handsome Uncle Mugen is more focused on obscure…”

    I want a review of Tristan & Iseult, then. T^T
    I worked a crazy 13 hours day and a couple of nights (during overtime and while drawing for a book at work for our boss) to get that one ready, and seemingly more or less no one played it.

    You know you want to! Most people give up because of the battles, but you can do it!

    • OK… I’ll put it in my review query 🙂

      This is a slightly long work so I’ll have set aside Saturday or Sunday to play this and generate a more fair and accurate review under a proper mindset…

      • Wohoo! Thanks so much, you’re the best! 😀

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